Unveiling the Revolution

Be the 1% Token

Your Ticket to the Elite 1% Club.


When your Degen Meme Tokens are more important than Utilites. Welcome to 1% Token


Welcome to the 1% Club

Step into a realm of rarity, innovation, and boundless opportunity. At 1% Token, you are not just a participant you are part of an exclusive club that values the extraordinary.

Here, the 1% lifestyle is not just a dream; it is a reality we are crafting together. With only 10,000 tokens and a burning desire for distinction, you are among those who understand that value lies in the exceptional.

Prepare to witness the power of scarcity as 99% of the tokens burn to enhance the allure of the 1%. Our journey starts with you, and your journey starts here. Join hands with fellow pioneers, thinkers, and visionaries who embrace the 1% ethos.

What excited to 1% Token

Are you ready to rise above the ordinary? It's time to stake your claim in the world of exclusivity, where the 1% Token isn't just an investment – it's your invitation to the future of rarity.

Buckle up for a journey starting at $17.60 per coin. This isn't just a token; it's a movement that defies conventions, celebrates scarcity, and propels you towards distinction.

10,000 tokens. 1% in circulation. 99% burned to amplify scarcity. Join a community that values the exceptional, where owning a piece of the 1% is a badge of honor.

Experience the thrill of value creation as the 1% tax ignites buybacks and liquidity. Witness the rarity you hold grow in value and significance.

1% Rules

Supply and Allocation




The total supply is 10000 tokens. and 1 % tax on both buys and sells



99% Burn, 1% for 1% People